What is Weeknight Kitchen?

Weeknight Kitchen is building a new commercial kitchen with plans to reopen March 2019.
Until then - you can still learn about WNK...just not order.

Weeknight Kitchen prepares hot, homemade, family-style meals to be shared at home.  We want families to eat as a family.  With that, we figured if we took all of the work out of making dinner maybe folks would find 20 minutes to sit down and share a meal.

So we do the menu planning, shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleaning - and you do the eating, drinking, talking and laughing at your own home. It's a simple, yet amazing concept.

All meals are hot and ready (no prep or reheating) and designed to appeal to parents and kids alike - simple, delicious, well-balanced meals. Meals feed 4-6 people (depending on the size/ages of your family).  Dishes are delivered in a 9x13 aluminum pan with salads on the side.  The menu changes weekly. Everyone gets the same thing, no substitutions or special orders. All meals cost $35.

OK! I love it. I ordered, but how does it actually work?

Once you've ordered, please set a reminder for the DAY, TIME and LOCATION of your pick-up (you will also receive an email reminder two days prior).  Then, on the day/time of your delivery, go to your chosen delivery location and your meal will be waiting for you.  At some locations meal pick-up is self-service, at others we have a truck, and at residiental locations you just ring the doorbell.  You'll figure it out.

Hmm. What am I missing?

  • Meals must be prepaid online at the time of order
  • Orders must be placed by 12 noon Monday
  • Cancellations must be placed by 12 noon Monday for credit
  • Miss/forget your meal? We will do our best to contact you via email/phone.  If you completely space we will give your meal to a lucky passerby and send you good karma.  Sorry, no refunds since the food was prepared and delivered.
  • We can’t accommodate special requests or dietary restrictions at this time
  • More questions? libby@weeknightkitchen.com

Who's in the kitchen?

Three Moms from the Midwest.  Boom!

Jennifer Drane is a Registered Dietitian with a degree from Penn State and full-blooded Italian.  Jen helps keep all of our meals healthy and well-balanced and also provides a lot of drama to our work week.

Becky Mann recently retired after 32 years as a head cook at a local elementary school.  She is amazing in the kitchen and provides a wealth of knowledge when it comes to cooking for a crowd.  She is also Libby's mom - so that's pretty awesome.

Libby Mehaffey is a University of Wisconsin-Madison grad with a dream of owning a successful business, employing good people and building something amazing. She's also a mother to four young kids, a wife to the maestro, Matthew Mehaffey, and a super fun person.

Contact Info

For more information contact Libby Mehaffey at 612.237.7731 or email at libby@weeknightkitchen.com