Weeknight Kitchen
Weeknight Kitchen


    Everything in Moderation

    Weeknight Kitchern prepares hot, homemade meals for your family to  share.  Everything is made from scratch that day using fresh produce,  lean meats and real dairy products.  Our take on nutrition is the  traditional approach - "everything in moderation."

    Menus  are designed to be well-balanced including protein, vegetables and  carbohydrates.  The recipes we use come from our family, friends and  some folks we want to be our friends - like Ina Garten and Martha  Stewart. 

    With that, some of our meals are  more gluten-sensitive while others are carb-heavy classics, but both menus stick to our approach of "everything in moderation."

    Straight Talk with Jennifer Drane, RD, LD

    I am sitting here typing this article in 60 degree weather.  Last week I was in the depths of the Winter Blues as we were getting assaulted by a record breaking snowstorm.  What a difference a week makes.  Anything is possible. It can only get better from here!

    This week’s meal is one of my family’s favorites. White Chicken Chili.  I don’t know about you, but I grew up eating traditional red chili.  I discovered this chili recipe a couple years ago whilst watching a Vikings game at my neighbor’s house.  I fell in love.  What’s better is that my picky kids love it too!  Additional perk:  Nutritionally Awesome.

    Chili, both red and white, offer a plethora of nutritional goodness.  You’ve got a perfect combo of all of the macros married together in a broth based, flavored packed bowl.  Pass me a spoon!  Chicken/Beans provide the protein.  Beans and peppers/onions provide some complex carbohydrates.  Add some sour cream on top for some healthy fat and you have the ultimate meal.  Added benefit:  easy clean up.  

    You may be wondering why it is so important to have all the macronutrients in a meal?  Well… to put it simply:  you need all the kids to hold hands on the playground for recess to be fun.   Kids=Protein, Carb, Fat.  Recess=Digestion/Blood Sugar management.  The goal of our meals, besides flavor, social interaction and routine, is to provide our body with the necessary energy needed to live.  When you have all of the macronutrients in balance in a meal, they will “hold eachother’s hands” through the digestive process.  The slower it goes, the more your body can extract what is needed and the more stable your blood sugar remains.  A stable blood sugar is the cat’s meow, the sweet spot, the end-game when it comes to our nutritional well-being.  We,Dietitians, take this very seriously.

    So, enjoy this awesome weather week!  Eat your chili!  Rest assured that you are doing your body some real good!