"It's life changing."



Without being boastful, we are proud to say that our clients (moms especially) are enthralled with Weeknight Kitchen - so much to say that "It's life changing."  And they mean it.

It's one less trip to the grocery store.  One night off from figuring out "what's for dinner?"  One night free from cooking and cleaning.  One night to do whatever you want to do.  And, it's one night you can connect with your family over a warm meal without the hustle, bustle rushing around that goes with getting dinner on the table.

Don't believe us?

Here's a link to an article recently posted on www.EatIGH.com

And here's WNK in the Pioneer Press Startup Showcase 

"It's my favorite day of the week!"



"I was thrilled with my dinner! My daughter and I devoured the bread, it was so tasty as was the rest of the meal. I was also very happy with the portion sizes. I have already placed my next order. This  service is invaluable to me and my family. I don’t like to cook much and wouldn’t have time to even if I did so feeding my family a  “home-cooked” meal where we can sit around the table together instead of  the usual restaurants adds valuable time together for us. Thanks for your service!"

"Best recommendation from a colleague I've ever had.  I love the meals and I love not having to worry or think about it one night a week."

"We are on the run ALL. THE. TIME. I ordered from Weeknight Kitchen for  the first time this week. Chicken pitas with cucumber sauce, salad, and  rice pilaf.  It was fabulous -- and everyone in my family loved the  meal. This was so much healthier than picking up fast food and eating in  the car!  Everything was packaged nicely, the food was all great  quality and thoughtfully prepared (they even packed the red onion on the  salad seperately). Pickup was super quick and easy. We will for sure  order from them again. We are a family of 5 and, when I picked up the dinner, I was a little skeptical that we'd  have enough, BUT except for the salad (I did add more romaine), we had  PLENTY of everything and I even have left overs for lunch today."

"My kids love it.  My husband loves it.  I think I love it the most - since I have no shopping, no prep, no cooking - and best - no clean up!"

"I also would never have time to cook a delicious meal as you have prepared."