what are people saying about weeknight kitchen?

"It's life changing."


That might be a bit much - but we'll take it!

busy families love weeknight kitchen.

Shuttle Moms

"We are on the run ALL. THE. TIME. I ordered from Weeknight Kitchen for  the first time this week. Chicken pitas with cucumber sauce, salad, and  rice pilaf.  It was fabulous -- and everyone in my family loved the  meal. This was so much healthier than picking up fast food and eating in  the car!  Everything was packaged nicely, the food was all great  quality and thoughtfully prepared (they even packed the red onion on the  salad separately). Pickup was super quick and easy. We will for sure  order from them again. We are a family of 5 and, when I picked up the dinner, I was a little skeptical that we'd  have enough, BUT except for the salad (I did add more romaine), we had  PLENTY of everything and I even have left overs for lunch today."

Active Healthy Families

"Weeknight kitchen for us means that we can focus on the  family time for a meal vs the chaos of trying to rush home from work,  cook, and run out to sports. With two parents who work out of the house  full time and two active kiddos in sports it is so nice to be able to pick up a warm, healthy meal and spend the time  with each other talking about our day instead of cooking and cleaning up  before we head out!"

"We love Weeknight Kitchen since we discovered it last year. I appreciate the balanced meals. "

"It's life changing."


Working Parents

"My husband and I are both full time working parents with very active  children.  As my mom did, I try to make a meal for us every night.  This  typically means that I am stuck in the kitchen between the time we get  home and have to rush off to an activity or event.  Even though the kids are starting to help now it the kitchen,  it is still just a rush.  Weeknight Kitchen gives me one night back  when I know my family is getting a home cooked, balanced meal.  All I  have to do is get the plates down from the cupboard!"

"Best recommendation from a colleague I've ever had.  I love the meals and I love not having to worry or think about it one night a week."

"My kids love it.  My husband loves it.  I think I love it the most - since I have no shopping, no prep, no cooking - and best - no clean up!"  

And the press agrees. WNK RuLes.

"Weeknight Kitchen is the next big thing."

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